Red Pod - Management Consulting

Meaning of Red Pod

The vessel that contains the seeds of a new life. Just as the pit contains the seeds, red pod includes customized solutions. Housing of something well-beloved.

Red Pod - Management Consulting

The Scenery of Red Pod

The fashion world – with its razor thin margins and severe big bets on trends, brand positioning and market share – has never been a port for milquetoasts.

Red Pod - Management Consulting

The Expertise of Red Pod

We are passionated about wholesale and retail activities. We are here to offer our expertise and market/product knowledge to take your business to the next level.

General Management

  • leadership and management of a company as a whole
  • building and developing healthy organizational structures
  • setting and achieving strategic goals
  • responsible for bottom line results

Wholesale Strategy

  • bringing new products/brands to Benelux market
  • building strong partnerships based on trust with well know existing network
  • coaching and developing team capabilities

Retail Activities

  • new concept development
  • p&l set-up
  • store operation excellence
  • operational and organizational alignment

Brand Development

  • defination of your brand -brand values-
  • who needs to know your brand message -target group-
  • what motivates to buy -purchase motivator-
  • implementing distribution strategies to maximize brand value